Best Family Day Out (Large Venue)


Sponsored by Telford College of Arts and Technology

It doesn't have to be a white knuckle ride to spark enthusiasm here. Anywhere that families flock to, indoors or out, traditional or modern, if it keeps children and adults entertained for a few hours, it deserves recommending.

Tell us about the venue, what sets it apart from everything else. If you are unsure whether it is classed as large or small, don’t worry we will ensure it is placed in the correct category. So, what do you think makes a good day out?

This of course depends greatly on your budget, your family circumstances and any free time you may have.

Your choice may be a place with amazing activities for children, a castle or the many museums or stately homes bristling with history and heritage, or simply one of Shropshire’s naturally-created treasures such as the parks, hills and valleys.

You have the whole summer to decide which is your favourite and this is one of the most diverse categories of them all so we want to know who deserves the title.