Best Fish and Chips


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Whether it's your chippy down the road or a quick stop-off en route to your holiday destination, as you walk through the doors, does the aroma of the salt and vinegar get your tastebuds twitching in readiness for the crisp batter and fluffy chips?

Friday night's the night for a good old fashioned fish and chip supper and nothing beats eating this great British tradition straight from the wrapping paper! But just what makes your chip shop a cut above the rest?

Is it the freshness of the food, speedy service or the greeting from your friendly fryer as you approach the counter? Does the establishment cater for special dietary needs, such as gluten free options?

Maybe you are a fan of the shop's more unusual menu items? Deep fried confectionary anyone?

This - and perhaps more - is what we want to hear about from you, the chippy loving public.